Slide Background

Dandi d.o.o. was established in 1990 with a focus on sport, particularly squash. Dr. Damjan Pintar, one of the first squash pioneers in Eastern Europe and the author of the first Slovenian book about squash in 1988, was one of the founders. The company's first investment was in a fitness center in Terme Zreče, Slovenia, which supported a thermal spa resort. Later, after acquiring a series of apartments on Rogla, the company gained momentum and began renovating abandoned forestry houses in the valley of the river Oplotnica in 1997, which marked the beginning of its tourism developments.

Valentina and Damjan Pintar recognized the potential of sport and tourism for the area and beyond. With their growing worldwide network and deeper insights, they entered the Olympic movement, where D. Pintar spent over 10 years in a professional capacity and cooperated with the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity program for more than 20 years. He also spent 17 years in managing positions at Unitur, a tourism company that owned several resorts in Slovenia, allowing him to understand trends and predict the development of sports tourism.

After 2015, the company developed a network of worldwide partners and was involved in several projects, such as developing tourism strategies, EU projects, and organizing top sports events. The company began diversifying its services into the sports, tourism, and development sectors with brands such as Dandi Apartments Rogla, Sportour, Connect Direct, and together with Jan and Svit Pintar, the Watter Village Lukanja project of sustainable accommodation facilities for active tourists, and the architectural unit Pintart.